Meow the 61st – Cats@Work

Contrary to the Chinese proverb “I gave an order to a cat, and the cat gave it to its tail.”, there are cats with jobs. Even though it seems to be common knowledge that cats@work are a contradiction in intself, some cats are at work. That is, if work is an abbreviation for work place.


Colin Telford

In the virtual cat parks of facebook, twitter, and instagram, there are actually quite a few cats@work. One example is Colin Telford, who talks about his job on his twitter page

Colin Telford – University Cat

I’m Colin the University Cat, and it’s my job to look after UWTSD’s Mount Pleasant Campus. Colin Telford on twitter

Colin, who turned up at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David in Swansea (Wales, UK) and decided to make the library his home, has quite a job portfolio being Library Cat, Senior Student Ambassador, Social Media Cat, and Public Figure.

As a hit with the students and staff alike, Colin can be seen in real life in the library and on facebook as Telford the Cat @telfordthecat on facebook and on twitter as Colin Telford (@Colinthecat1).

Linking the jobs of real life  with the literary roles of cats (see posts Cat stories and legends  and Devils, Demons, and More, Colin is the hero, guardian, healer, trickster, and human companion.

Colin Telford is just one example of a cat@work. He is joined by


station57cat – killercat Love me. Just don’t touch me. FDNY Station cat and local celeb. Bed-Stuy NYC station57cat on instagram

Flame the arson cat:

flamethearsoncat – Flame the arson cat – My name is Flame and I currently reside at Belmont Fire Department in Greenville SC. I am the resident “ARSON CAT” Flamethearsoncat on instagram

Felix the Huddersfield Station Cat:

Senior Pest Controller, part time Station Philosopher and committed Huddersfield Town fan. Also likes napping. Felix the Huddersfield Station Cat on facebook
This list of working cats could go on and on.
The pictures of Colin have been taken from his twitter and facebook pages.


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