Meow the 62nd – Cats, Cars & Connections

What do research, cars, money, DJs, law suits, and students have in common? Yes, right. Cats. Let’s unravel the connection of how cats connect people and things.

Nyan Cat Style Purrari

Cats attract attention … and lawsuits

The point here is that cats do attract attention. Whether the attention is welcome or not is another question. People love cats and people love seeing cats. People love cars and people love seeing cats on cars, especially on expensive cars. But not all companies like seeing cats on their cars.

A case in point is Canadian DJ Deadmau5, a very successful music maker and cat lover with lots of money to burn. Deadmau5 revamped his Ferrari as Nyan Cat style “Purrari” complete with logo in 2014.

Ferrari, however, did not share people’s enthusiasm and threatened DJ Deadmau5 with a lawsuit in form of a cease and desist letter (‘Purrari’ 458 upsets Ferrari, prompts legal action against Deadmau5), and that was the end of the Nyan Cat style Purrari 458. Nissan meanwhile made fun of Ferrari by creating its own Nissan Nyat Cat GTR (CTV News 04 September 2014), and DJ Deadmau5 hit back with a Nyanborghini Purracan (Deadmau5 Keeps Trolling Ferrari with his Nyanborghini Purracan).

And there is the ubiquitous Hello Kitty. This time on a Fiat 500.

Hello Kitty Fiat 500

Cats connecting … the world

Cats connect different worlds: Cat content brings together higher education, science, and research with big money, showbiz, and big business.  Cat graphics in a writing exercise inspire students to share cat stories and Nyan Cat style cars with lecturers.

Cats are fun … for all parties concerned

Easy to relate to and to remember, cats are a recurring theme in my lectures to exemplify research problems and research methods and guarantee, at the same time, a certain level of memory retention. In a non-representative survey about what students remember about the lecture, the first answer was “cats” and “fun”.

Cats are fun. Everywhere. Cats connect.


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