Meow the 64th -Research Mews

Meowlogisms cannot be avoided even if the topic is a serious one: research news. Well, not perhaps serious. Somewhat difficult to say, but I needed a lead to justify the purrified headline.

Cat in cardboard box

In my continuous search for cat (content) research, I came across three scientific articles on cat behaviour. Two were on shelter cats and their behaviour, and the third article sums up three decades of cat-human and human-cat interactions and relationships.

And I found out about cats’ grooming, inactivity, eating/drinking, friendly interactions, negative encounters, and active behaviour of cats in shelters and about how the stress levels can be lowered by giving cats places to hide (i.e. cardboard boxes), which would make it easier for cats to be adopted by humans. And any sort of study on interactions and relationships of cats and humans can explain why crazy cat ladies exist.

As a cat content researcher, I meow need to look at connections of biological behaviour to the online behaviour of humans.


Gouveia, K., Magalhães, A., & de Sousa, L. (2011). The behaviour of domestic cats in a shelter: Residence time, density and sex ratio. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 130(1), 53-59.
Kry, K., & Casey, R. (2007). The effect of hiding enrichment on stress levels and behaviour of domestic cats (Felis sylvestris catus) in a shelter setting and the implications for adoption potential. Animal Welfare, 16(3), 375-383.
Turner, D. C. (2017). A review of over three decades of research on cat-human and human-cat interactions and relationships. Behavioural Processes.

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