About the Meow Factor

What is The Meow Factor?

The Meow Factor is a science project dedicated to research on cats in the media, online and offline. The Meow Factor looks at cat related stories and shows how cat content can be analysed to give insights into feline fascination for humans.

You can find posts on cats in the media in several categories. Please see Meow Factor Research Notes

What is Cat Content?

Cat content is defined as follows:

The phenomenon of cats on the internet and their use in the media is often referred to as cat content or Katzencontent in the German language. Though the term is understandable, cat content is not common in the English language. In the English language, the phenomenon is usually called cats on the internet or LOLcats. This paper deliberately uses cat content because the term describes cats in the public sphere in general, not just cats on the internet. (Podhovnik, 2016)

For the full paper, please see Cat Content Research Publications

Which Scientific Publications are Out There?

The Meow Factor’s research publications are here:  Cat Content Research Publications

Other online research publications on cats are here: Cat Research on the Net

Why Cat Content on The Meow Factor?

The trigger for the Meow Factor, which was launched in February 2014, was the abundance of cats on social media and in newspapers. After reading another cute kitty story in the paper, the idea was born to look at cat content in a scientific way to provide a sound basis for what so far had only been assumptions and observations.

Who is freemurrli?

The name freemurrli is the online username of Edith Podhovnik and is derived from the name of Spokes-cat Murrli.

Cross-cultural communication, linguistics, language, and culture are topics which I deal with in my job as senior lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneum in Graz (Austria) and I write about in scientific articles, essays, and critical reviews in international online magazines and journals.

Cat content has meow (now) been added to my research interests.

For all my research publications, please see Research Profile on Academia.edu.

What does the media say about The Meow Factor?

Romana Mocnik (2014): Sind Katzen die eigentlichen Herrscher der Welt?

How to use The Meow Factor?

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In other words: The material in this blog can be used – but make sure that you refer to the Meow Factor when you do.

Where does the logo come from?

The logo comes from http://freedesignfile.com/22693-funny-black-cat-design-vector-02/ and is used under the Creative Commons License 3.0.


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