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Meow the 63rd – Homes, Castles, and Cats

My home is my castle, apparently. But the proverb is no longer true, apparently. It has to be rephrased as ‘My home is my cat’s castle’, apparently. Not just cats think that way, also companies have started to take this attitude, pardon, cattitude, as human flats are redesigned as cat flats. CNN has taken up… Continue reading Meow the 63rd – Homes, Castles, and Cats

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Meow the 62nd – Cats, Cars & Connections

What do research, cars, money, DJs, law suits, and students have in common? Yes, right. Cats. Let’s unravel the connection of how cats connect people and things. Cats attract attention … and lawsuits The point here is that cats do attract attention. Whether the attention is welcome or not is another question. People love cats… Continue reading Meow the 62nd – Cats, Cars & Connections

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Meow the 60th – Dolce & Gabbana & Cats

Cats are high fashion, literally, now that they  have been featured by Dolce & Gabbana. Bengal cats have become part of Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall Winter 2016/17 collection . But cats are more than fashion on dresses, jumpers, bags, and scarves. They are inspiration, and mystical, magical creatures, which is something Dolce & Gabbana picked… Continue reading Meow the 60th – Dolce & Gabbana & Cats

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Meow the 49th – Catvertising

Recently on Austrian TV, more or less in one single commercial break, two ads: one for Ikea and one for Voltaren Schmerzgel. What is the association of furniture and medicine with cats? For one, cats indicate comfort and home. Second, cats are connected to people. And not to forget, cats are simply cute. In any… Continue reading Meow the 49th – Catvertising

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Meow the 46th – Cat Figures

Marketers are very aware of the power of cats in advertising. Already in 2011, the company ReelSEO posted an article on the power of catvertising, claiming that cat videos made youtube into what it is today. “By 2015, cat videos are going to represent 90% of the content on the World Wide Web.” (Robertson, 2011)… Continue reading Meow the 46th – Cat Figures

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Meow the 43rd – Mog the TV Star

In advertising cats sell and children sell. What happens then when cats and children are put together for a campaign? Well, the outcome is an ad campaign. And it is all for a good cause.  Mog, a well-known children’s book character in the UK, teams up with the charity Save the Children to raise funds… Continue reading Meow the 43rd – Mog the TV Star

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Meow the 37th – Cat Commercials

It is an undeniable truth that cats rule the internet. This is what a French telecom company banked on in their commercial. Buoygues Telecom sold itself as Kitten Telecom in its advert. Uploaded to youtube in 2011, the spot has 159,254 hits on Youtube as of today Buoygues Telecom also included a making-of on their… Continue reading Meow the 37th – Cat Commercials

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Meow the 35th – Cat’s got your wallet, not your tongue

Cats mean big money with their paws clawing fiercely at your wallet now that they have found their way into high fashion. Cats not only are en vogue in Vogue but also model as muses for designers. Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette, who, by the way, already  has her own facebook page, twitter account, and book,… Continue reading Meow the 35th – Cat’s got your wallet, not your tongue