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Meow the 62nd – Cats, Cars & Connections

What do research, cars, money, DJs, law suits, and students have in common? Yes, right. Cats. Let’s unravel the connection of how cats connect people and things. Cats attract attention … and lawsuits The point here is that cats do attract attention. Whether the attention is welcome or not is another question. People love cats… Continue reading Meow the 62nd – Cats, Cars & Connections

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Meow the 61st – Cats@Work

Contrary to the Chinese proverb “I gave an order to a cat, and the cat gave it to its tail.”, there are cats with jobs. Even though it seems to be common knowledge that cats@work are a contradiction in intself, some cats are at work. That is, if work is an abbreviation for work place.… Continue reading Meow the 61st – Cats@Work

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Meow the 58th – Britcats

Pop Culture … Pop Cats … Britcats. A bachelor’s thesis project presents cats in their roles in British popular culture. The web feature story “Expurrliamus – Cats and their Role in Contemporary British Pop Culture” focuses on cats in Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Alice in Wonderland, and James Bond. The parts of the feature story… Continue reading Meow the 58th – Britcats

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Meow the 52nd – I am Murrli, the Spokes-cat for The Meow Factor

Any blog dealing with cats needs its own cat representative. And this is where I come in: Murrli Katzenberger, the spokes-cat and the face for The Meow Factor and I own Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. My official name is Murrli Katzenberger. At least, that is who I am online. Actually, I do not care about… Continue reading Meow the 52nd – I am Murrli, the Spokes-cat for The Meow Factor

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Meow the 50th – #cat

Hashtags are very important not just for sharing photos on instragram or tweets on twitter. Hashtags are also a treasure from a linguistic point of view:innovations, word formations, and semantic wordfields. And lots are cat related. Here is a collection of instagram hashtags. The list is by no means complete. The hashtags are categorised by… Continue reading Meow the 50th – #cat

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Meow the 46th – Cat Figures

Marketers are very aware of the power of cats in advertising. Already in 2011, the company ReelSEO posted an article on the power of catvertising, claiming that cat videos made youtube into what it is today. “By 2015, cat videos are going to represent 90% of the content on the World Wide Web.” (Robertson, 2011)… Continue reading Meow the 46th – Cat Figures

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Meow the 44th – Human Interest Story

Any current affairs story can be given a human interest angle in a feature story. And cats in a story make humans even more interested in the story. The story about the tweeted cat pictures in the Brussell’s terrorist crackdown is a really good example of a current affairs story going viral all over the… Continue reading Meow the 44th – Human Interest Story

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Meow the 42nd – Thou Shalt (Not) Judge a Book by Its Cover

When you go into a bookshop, you will see that books with cats on the cover are the in-thing. While cats on the cover may make you want to buy the book because you expect cat content, the cat on the outside might not automatically be a cat on the inside. Most of the time,… Continue reading Meow the 42nd – Thou Shalt (Not) Judge a Book by Its Cover