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Meow the 57th – Meow’s the Word

A cat says more than just “meow”. Apart from different language varieties, such as German “miau” or Russian “мяу”, the cat also creates meowlogisms (neologisms) in human language. Quite a lot, in fact – not only in the feline dominated online media, but also in the more serious papers. The cat’s meow, paws, and fur… Continue reading Meow the 57th – Meow’s the Word

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Meow the 14th – Culture Cats

Cats and humans are obviously a good team and have been in symbiosis for a long time. Cats in culture and folklore have already been examined, and books have already been written. Cats have left their paw prints not only in language, such as in phrases “die Katze im Sack kaufen”, “für die Katze”, “cats… Continue reading Meow the 14th – Culture Cats

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Meow the Eighth – Critical Cats

Cat is short for cat-egories here. So far the cat-egories for the qualitative content analysis of articles about cats in the news are: cute cat stories cats and health homeless cats feral cats cat abuse cats and economy The first cat-egorisation will be done along the items on the list above. In the first step,… Continue reading Meow the Eighth – Critical Cats

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Meow the Seventh – What’s in a Name?

What are the most common cat names in various countries? Below there are the top five cat names for the UK, Austria, Germany, and Russia. UK (according to Oscar, Charlie, Alfie, Poppy, Coco, Leo, Tilly, Molly, Jasper, Monty Austria (according to Kronen Zeitung in 2012): Minka, Felix, Muschi, Kitty, Luna Germany (according to… Continue reading Meow the Seventh – What’s in a Name?

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Meow the Sixth – Kitty, Moggie & Co

Word, words, words. This is not about quoting Shakespeare, but about different words that are used for cats: cat, tomcat, kitty, tabby, moggie, kitten, stray, feral cat, puss, furry friend, furball, … best friend, baby boy, baby girl, cutie, … An update of cat words will come after the analysis of the cat articles. An analysis of… Continue reading Meow the Sixth – Kitty, Moggie & Co