Cats on the Net

Kate Miltner: LOL Cats. Dissertation. London School of Economics. Available on:

A dissertation discussing why cat memes are so popular on the internet.

Maria Nikolajevna (2009). “Devils, Demons, Familiars, Friends: Towards a Semiotics of Literary Cats”. Marvels & Tales. 23(2), pp. 248-267 Available on:

A look at the history of cats in literature.

Jessica  Gall Myrick (2015). Emotion regulation, procrastination, and watching cat videos online: Who watches Internet cats, why, and to what effect?. Computers in Human Behavior, 52, 168-176. Available on:

An empirical study on the effects of watching internet videos of cats.

Radha O’Meara (2014). “Do Cats Know They Rule YouTube? Surveillance and the Pleasures of Cat Videos.” M/C Journal. A Journal of Media and Culture. 17(2). Available on:

A study on what lies behind watching cat videos.

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