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Meow the 65th – Cats’ Stats

What is a cat in figures? One head, one tail, one, tongue, one mouth, one nose, two ears, four legs, twenty claws, and apparently nine lives. But there are more figures than that as a look in the statistics portal Statista shows. Let’s get started with the “How many cats are there in …” The… Continue reading Meow the 65th – Cats’ Stats

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Meow the 64th -Research Mews

Meowlogisms cannot be avoided even if the topic is a serious one: research news. Well, not perhaps serious. Somewhat difficult to say, but I needed a lead to justify the purrified headline. In my continuous search for cat (content) research, I came across three scientific articles on cat behaviour. Two were on shelter cats and… Continue reading Meow the 64th -Research Mews

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Meow the 63rd – Homes, Castles, and Cats

My home is my castle, apparently. But the proverb is no longer true, apparently. It has to be rephrased as ‘My home is my cat’s castle’, apparently. Not just cats think that way, also companies have started to take this attitude, pardon, cattitude, as human flats are redesigned as cat flats. CNN has taken up… Continue reading Meow the 63rd – Homes, Castles, and Cats

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Meow the 62nd – Cats, Cars & Connections

What do research, cars, money, DJs, law suits, and students have in common? Yes, right. Cats. Let’s unravel the connection of how cats connect people and things. Cats attract attention … and lawsuits The point here is that cats do attract attention. Whether the attention is welcome or not is another question. People love cats… Continue reading Meow the 62nd – Cats, Cars & Connections

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Meow the 61st – Cats@Work

Contrary to the Chinese proverb “I gave an order to a cat, and the cat gave it to its tail.”, there are cats with jobs. Even though it seems to be common knowledge that cats@work are a contradiction in intself, some cats are at work. That is, if work is an abbreviation for work place.… Continue reading Meow the 61st – Cats@Work

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Meow the 60th – Dolce & Gabbana & Cats

Cats are high fashion, literally, now that they  have been featured by Dolce & Gabbana. Bengal cats have become part of Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall Winter 2016/17 collection . But cats are more than fashion on dresses, jumpers, bags, and scarves. They are inspiration, and mystical, magical creatures, which is something Dolce & Gabbana picked… Continue reading Meow the 60th – Dolce & Gabbana & Cats

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Meow the 59th – Chief BritCats

Chief BritCats Larry, Palmerston, and Gladstone … three Britcats working in official capacities in Downing Street, the Foreign Office, and the Treasury. On Twitter they are @Number10cat (Larry), @DiploMog (Palmerston), and @HMTreasuryCat.     Chief BritCat Fight According to the Daily Mail, there is a claws-off between Larry and Palmerston at Downing Street. The Chief… Continue reading Meow the 59th – Chief BritCats

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Meow the 58th – Britcats

Pop Culture … Pop Cats … Britcats. A bachelor’s thesis project presents cats in their roles in British popular culture. The web feature story “Expurrliamus – Cats and their Role in Contemporary British Pop Culture” focuses on cats in Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Alice in Wonderland, and James Bond. The parts of the feature story… Continue reading Meow the 58th – Britcats