Spokes-cat Murrli

Any blog dealing with cats needs its own cat representative. And this is where I come in: Murrli Katzenberger, the spokes-cat and the face for The Meow Factor and I own Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Murrli spokescat
Murrli Katzenberger

My official name is Murrli Katzenberger. At least, that is who I am online. Actually, I do not care about names, and as long as I get my food, I will turn up at “Mieze” or simply “Katze”, too.

In my offline life, I like the outdoors and enjoy hunting for mice, rats, insects, and the odd bat.

Spokes-cat, front cat, or cat testimonial? Actually, I am all and more: I am a cat, and “most formidable and dangerous predator” would be more appropriate anyway.

Facts about me:

  • born in 2001 or 2002
  • European moggie
  • female
  • spokes-cat